Word Lanes Level 220 Answers

Word Lanes Level 220 Answers . Word Lanes is not only in english but also in french language. In the coming days it would be available also in other languages. So feel free to play it as soon as possible. As a team we have started this huge project with the only purpose to help your out with the entire solution of Word Lanes. Please leave us a comment below if you have any question about this game.

Word Lanes Level 220 Answers

  • Sprain or wound
  • This is done to a donkey’s tail in a party game
  • Lock Stock and this many Smoking Barrels
  • Shortened term for a female sibling
  • The direction opposite of east
  • Typically white herons with cascading feathers
  • Cougar mountain lion or sports brand
  • Covered in too much sodium chloride
  • Ancient wandering person from Central Asia
  • Psychologist Timothy Leary advocated its use
  • Shed for chickens
  • Mad cartoon scientist grandfather to Morty
  • An invention that uses bullets

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