Word Lanes Level 386 Answers

Word Lanes Level 386 Answers . Word Lanes is not only in english but also in french language. In the coming days it would be available also in other languages. So feel free to play it as soon as possible. As a team we have started this huge project with the only purpose to help your out with the entire solution of Word Lanes. Please leave us a comment below if you have any question about this game.

Word Lanes Level 386 Answers

  • A religious woman who lives with other like women
  • Actress Hathaway starred in Les Misu00e9rables
  • The item that is pounded by a hammer
  • Like one’s eyes after crying
  • Source of illumination found in front of a car
  • A person who has no hair on their heads
  • Cleaning and purging often happens in this season
  • Shakespeare’s Much __ About Nothing
  • Attorney’s expertise
  • Acorn-producing tree that existed before dinosaurs
  • Burden someone give out a challenging task
  • Bird __; Henry Moore’s curved bowl-like piece
  • A buffalo-like animal with a beard

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