Word Lanes Level 47 Answers

Word Lanes Level 47 Answers . Word Lanes is not only in english but also in french language. In the coming days it would be available also in other languages. So feel free to play it as soon as possible. As a team we have started this huge project with the only purpose to help your out with the entire solution of Word Lanes. Please leave us a comment below if you have any question about this game.

Word Lanes Level 47 Answers

  • Exchanged in marriage; a promise
  • Piece of old cloth
  • Barley and wheat relative used in beer and bread
  • A person who is proficient in sports
  • Keeps your hair dry in the bath or under sprinkler
  • Sketching ideas for clothes or buildings
  • Cutting hair with a machine
  • Fastener for binding electric wires together
  • Addicted to unable to resist

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